Accounting Baccalaureate Major

The Moravian College Comenius Center accounting major is designed for non-traditional, adult students looking to complete their undergraduate degrees with a major in accounting, or who are interested in accounting as a second major to create a knowledge and skill set to acquire a position in business, government, or not-for-profit organizations.

A Comenius Center undergraduate degree requires students to complete a minimum of 32 units of work; one unit equaling a four credit course. The 32 units consist of course work in Accounting (4 co-requisites, 3 required business core; 6 required accounting core, and 1 accounting elective) as shown below, the Comenius Curriculum (8 courses), and electives (10 courses) of your choosing. Courses taken at recognized institutions of higher education may be transferred to the Comenius Center and applied to the requirements of your degree.

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Co-requisites (4 units, 16 credits)

Accounting Major Courses

Accounting Electives (1 unit, 4 credits)

In addition to the courses in the Accounting Major, students will select one unit of accounting electives from the courses shown here or that may be offered from time-to-time.

General Education Curriculum

The Learning in Common (LiNC) general education curriculum of 11 units, required of all bachelor's degree-seeking students, will help you to master the skills needed to understand and compete in the economic and cultural climate of the 21st century. Inform your advisor if you have prior college credits that may transfer to Moravian. A summary of requirements is as follows for all students in the bachelor of arts and bachelor of science degree programs. Note: Choose 6 of 8 from among the M and U courses, one of which must include a U course.