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About Us

The Moravian College Comenius Center offers adult students the opportunity to transform their lives through continuing education. Enrich your future!

The Comenius Center is named for John Amos Comenius, a 17th century Moravian bishop who was a pioneer in education. His emphasis on lifelong learning and the education of women was visionary. We proudly carry on this visionary tradition by offering you the opportunity to transform your life through continuing education.

Partner with an academic institution known for excellence that offers:

  • A surprisingly affordable tuition
  • A conveniently located campus
  • Flexible programs to meet your goals
  • Convenient classes to fit your schedule and lifestyle
  • Outstanding faculty and an interactive, real-world classroom environment

Our experienced advisors will guide you efficiently through the process of selecting and registering for courses. Regardless of your area of interest, you can choose from a wide variety of high-quality educational programs that will enrich your life now and pay dividends for years to come.


Our Mission

The Comenius Center serves adult and part-time students through programs distinguished by academic excellence, which can lead to baccalaureate and master’s degrees and to professional certifications.  As an integral part of an institution that values continuous learning, the Comenius Center prepares individuals for challenging professional positions, for service and leadership to the community and its organizations, and for the demands of a rapidly changing world.